About Me

My name is Brittany! I call Knoxville, TN home at the moment, but I am planning on spending my college days in Toronto. I am a '93 model, which makes me 17. Cooking and baking is a hugh part of my life. Its something I can do whether I am [sad, mad or overly excited] or if I am just wanting something to do.

My main goal in my life it is to open a store front bakery. I want to be able to see the faces when my customers eat my food. I am completely self taught, meaning I have learned from cook books, food network & by trial and error. While I am growing up, I want to be able to expand my knowledge and learn more tips and tricks to make my food better.

If you would like to send me a email, whether it is to just say hi or if you have a question, I will try my best to answer it..


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